Efficienza Energetica

Energy saving and efficiency

Smart Home and Home Automation play a leading role in the realisation of recent modern, comfortable and efficient residential buildings with a common goal: energy saving.

The terms Smart Home and Home Automation encapsulate all the solutions and technologies for the automation of the home, using sensors or devices to detect parameters, data and information from the environment.
Thanks to communication protocols and central systems, the devices can interface with each other, ensuring advanced control and coordination between all the installations and systems in the building, through dedicated smartphone Apps that the customer can use with ease at any time and from anywhere.


  • Control the home functions;
  • Information management with simple smartphone Apps;
  • Energy-saving, safety and comfort function management
  • Electric vehicle charging management.
Smart home and home automation: efficiency and energy savings in residential buildings

Consumption awareness and waste reduction

Being aware of consumptions is today particularly important, to save energy and spend less.
Knowing how much energy we use and how is the first step towards savings.
Thanks to the Home + Control APP you can:

  • Constantly monitor the actual consumption of connected devices;
  • Display the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly home electricity consumption trends in both KWh and euros;
  • Receive notifications in case of abnormal consumption, e.g. if a light or appliance is switched on for too long.
Consumption awareness and waste reduction
Save energy and money

Save energy and money

Being able to intelligently manage energy-hungry devices in the home ensures greater energy efficiency and lower costs.
Load management allows you to:

  • Have an economic contract (3kW) with your energy supplier: by prioritising loads, blackouts can be avoided without having to switch to a 4.5 or 6kW contract;
  • Keep bills low: without load management, the kW limit of the contract is often exceeded, resulting in a much much higher €/kW cost than the standard.

Flexibility and comfort

A connected and smart home makes the most of all system loads, ensuring maximum comfort and eliminating the risk of blackouts.
The Home + Control App allows to:

  • set priority loads (which must remain switched on) and non-priority loads (which will be switched off if the kW threshold is exceeded);
  • create scheduled programs to time lights and connected sockets (e.g. set the lights to switch on after sunset);
  • manage comfort scenarios that allow, for example, to switch everything off and shut down, or disconnect, all the devices when you leave the house.
Flexibility and comfort
Efficienza - BTDIN with Netatmo
DIN-rail switchboard solution

BTDIN with Netatmo Smart Electrical Panel, is the range of intelligent DIN modules for direct installation in the panel o in the electrical switchboard of the house.
It integrates a Smart system, allowing to manage lights and sockets but also most powerful loads, such as induction plate and air conditioning fancoil.

Connected sockets integrated in the range
Connected sockets integrated in the range

You can make every socket in your home smart, even in traditional systems, by adding a specific connected module next to the normal socket and the gateway. With the Home + Control App, you will then be able to check your consumption, detect any anomalies and receive fault notifications.

Save money with the smart management of the temperature in your home

BTicino and Netatmo Smart Home solutions allow to achieve the ideal home temperature, ensuring maximum energy saving at all times:

  • easily create programs and schedules to suit your life style, only heating the home when you need it for optimal comfort;
  • control and regulate the temperature of your home even remotely, using the App.
Save money with the smart management of the temperature in your home.
Comfort Smart Home1
Choose the right smart temperature control solution for you:
Smarther with Netatmo connected thermostat

The Smarther connected thermostat can be controlled with the Home + Control App, ideal in case of independent or central heating system with radiators. It can be used with Netatmo Valves.

Netatmo Smart Modulating Thermostat

The Netatmo Thermostat is ideal for independent systems with OpenTherm boilers or compatible systems. It works with Home + Control and can be used with Netatmo Valves.

Valvola Netatmo
Netatmo Smart Thermostatic Valve

Thermostatic Valves are easily installed on radiators and allow the desired temperature to be set in every room of the house for maximum comfort.

Netatmo Central Heating Kit

Ideal in case of non-independent central heating system. It can be easily controlled with the Netatmo Energy App and can be expanded by adding other Netatmo Thermostatic Valves.

Smart building: energy saving and efficiency in the tertiary sector

Photovoltaic solutions

The range consisting of string switchboards, circuit breakers, switches and fuses for 600, 800 and 1000Vdc photovoltaic systems, allows you to satisfy all the requests of the residential and tertiary sectors, up to large photovoltaic fields.

Ready to use: BTicino pre-wired string switchboards are the solution for the protection and connection of systems up to 600 Vdc.
Quick to connect: the switchboards are equipped with connectors to guarantee maximum connection speed and safety.
Safe and certified: the switchboards, made with CLASS II insulation are equipped with protection devices and connections that offer the highest levels of quality.
The pre-wired switchboards meet the requirements of the IEC 61439-1 standard.

Sistemi di supervisione e misura Bticino (EMS)

Energy supervision and measurement systems (EMS)

The EMS Energy Management system was created with the aim of supervising and managing the building's energy consumption, ensuring reliability and continuity of service, for maximum system efficiency. BTicino offers various solutions for the measurement and supervision of electrical systems, adaptable to every need, which allow their control and management:

  • Devices for measuring electrical parameters and data collection;
  • Devices for monitoring and automation of power panels to guarantee continuity of service and timely control of the system;
  • Systems for supervision of systems, capable of offering many functions to optimally manage all devices.

NEMO Multifunction Instruments for energy measurement

NEMO and NEMO Easyconnect multifunction measurement control units for installation on DIN35 rail or flush-mounted, are used for precise, reliable and complete measurements, essential for knowing consumption and being able to identify energy saving areas.

They simultaneously measure all the parameters of the power line such as: voltages, currents, frequency, power factor, active, reactive and apparent power, indicating anomalies and interventions with activation of field-programmable alarm relays, with the possibility of communicating the measured parameters and the configuration data.

Efficienza - IME
Smart building: energy saving and efficiency with lighting control
Lighting efficienza energetica1
Lighting control - stand alone

Ideal lighting management solutions for small systems or individual rooms. The offer features flush mounted, wall mounted and ceiling mounted sensors that work independently.

Lighting efficienza energetica
Lighting control with BUS SCS

Lighting management solution that takes advantage of SCS BUS technology devices, using MyHome home automation controls integrated in the BTicino ranges and Din modular devices for the centralisation of functions. 
Ideal for small and medium-sized lighting systems.

KNX efficienza energetica
Lighting control with KNX

The Bticino automation offer complies with the international KNX standard, the most used technology for the intelligent management of complex buildings.
It is the solution for the control of the whole building.