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Home + Control

Manage the home in a simple and intuitive manner

Home + Control, the BTicino App that allows you to control lights, shutters, heating, household appliances and energy-intensive equipment from your smartphone.


Using the Home + Control App, it is possible to manage different functions based on the system devices:

  • Display and check the status of lights and the loads connected to the sockets
  • Adjust the temperature simply and intuitively
  • Customise and recall customised scenarios and programs
  • Check the total home consumptions
  • Receive smart notifications on the load and system status
  • Define the load priority for black-out prevention.
  • Create customisations and manage scenarios and schedules
  • Adjust the intensity of the lights, for efficient lighting management
  • Display and control smart lights


Products that can be managed using Home + Control:

  • Living Now, Livinglight and Classia with Netatmo connected ranges 
  • MyHOME home automation
  • BTDIN with Netatmo connected electrical panel
  • Smarther2 with Netatmo connected thermostat
  • Netatmo Smart Thermostatic Valves
  • Netatmo Smart Modulating Thermostat
  • Third-party Zigbee 3.0 protocol certified smart lights
Home + Control
App available for iOS and Android mobile devices.