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Smart Home configurator
Configuratore Smart Home
Configuratore Smart Home

Smart Home configurator

Create your electric system and obtain an estimate

Create and estimate the electric system

Configure your systems easily and in full, even those with dedicated Smart Home products.

What you can do:

  1. Create the system. Depending on the selected functions, you can choose between a Traditional, Smart or Home Automation system.
  2. Get an estimation. At the end of the configuration you will have a detailed and complete list of materials.
  3. Access your project at any time. Access the restricted area to view or modify the project.

The Smart Home configurator allows you to:

  • create your home (one, two or three bedroom apartments, attic/home, penthouse/large villa)
  • select the systems you want to estimate (Motive power and services, lights, shutters...)
  • customise the functions of each system for each room
  • choose the ranges (Living Now, Livinglight, MatixGO…)
  • create the customisable material list and get a complete estimation.


Smart Home Configurator
Create and estimate the electric system