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Office design ideas and solutions

Single or open-plan offices, shared offices or meeting rooms, communal or transit areas, home rooms equipped for smart working: in order to allow people to work, internet, business data and electricity must be available everywhere.
In addition, buildings must be more sustainable, adaptable and energy efficient.

Workstations: how to equip it to ensure that power and network are always available

The vertical distribution system with columns and mini-columns is the ideal solution for the distribution of energy and data from the ceiling or floor to the workstations.

The offer consists of several types of aesthetically and functionally coordinated products.


Thin single-sided vertical distribution columns

The single-sided columns, complete with installation accessories, have a body and cover in natural aluminium finish and allow the vertical distribution of power and data.

Available in 2 versions:

  • 3,360 and 3,802 mm high
  • without function modules, or 12 installable function modules.

Vertical distribution columns and mini-columns

Columns and mini-columns made of aluminium can be single or double sided. They are available in 3 colours: natural aluminium, anthracite and white.

Thanks to the telescopic extension, the columns can have a variable height from 2780 to 4060 mm.

On the other hand, the mini-columns are available with a height of 680 or 334 mm.

Vertical distribution columns and mini-columns 1
Vertical distribution columns and mini-columns 2
Vertical distribution columns and mini-columns 3

Pop-up desk turrets: the most elegant and functional solution

With exclusive features and a sophisticated design, POP-UP turrets combine ease of use and elegance of installation.

The compact and extremely slim frame in 3 different finishes perfectly integrates with all surfaces. The patented soft-opening system ensures maximum safety, in accordance with the IEC 60884-1 and NFC 61-314 standards.

They are compatible with the functions of the Matix and Livinglight series.

Pre-wired multiple socket systems for desktop use

BTicino multiple socket systems, available in different versions and with different performance levels and accessories, are capable of meeting all the needs of desk workers.

Available in black or white, they have power sockets in different standards and USB sockets for fast charging.

They feature a luminous switch that allows connected devices to be easily switched on or off, therefore avoiding extended stand-by, reducing energy consumption and ensuring better safety.


Workstations already equipped for desk use

Modular and pre-configured solutions with a sophisticated and elegant design, capable of distributing all the services required for workstations.

Available in aluminium, white and anthracite grey finishes, with a capacity of 8 to 12 modules of the BTicino wiring devices.

Channels for wall distribution

The Interlink channel range is characterised by sophisticated design and different aesthetic finishes that allow for greater integration into the installation environment.

A multifunctional installation solution that can be completed with 120x60 mm PVC ducts, with white, aluminium and anthracite covers.


Power and data distribution with floor retractable pop-up turrets

Characterised by a slim design for seamless integration into the floor, the POP-UP retractable turrets guarantee comfort and safety thanks to features such as soft opening and a “push and slide” locking system to prevent accidental opening when stepping on the button.

Available in 5 aesthetic finishes, they allow the installation of Bticino Matix and LivingLight functions.

Interlink power and data distribution floor retractable turrets

Retractable turrets comply with the EN 60670-23 standard and are the ideal solution for installations in both floating and concrete floors.

Available in the traditional 8/10 and 16/20 module versions and in the more spacious 24/30 module version, they also allow offices to be prepared for possible layout changes.


Btnet structured office wiring for data and voice distribution

BTicino's comprehensive data communication solutions perfectly meet the core requirements of digital networks: performance, scalability and efficiency.

From Btnet structured wiring with copper and fibre optic cables, to all the connectors integrated in the BTicino wiring devices up to category 8, to switchboards and rack cabinets to contain all the active and passive equipment.


UPS - uninterruptible power supplies, to ensure continuity even in the event of a power failure

BTicino offers a wide range of Legrand branded UPS - uninterruptible power supplies: an offer capable of guaranteeing maximum protection in all types of installations, continuity of service and a strong focus on energy efficiency.

The range includes uninterruptible power supplies up to 800 kVA in single-phase and three-phase versions.