Product software and firmware

TiSfera Design

Configuration and customisation software for Sfera audio-video door entry system entrance panels

The TiSfera Design software can be used to configure Sfera electronic devices and modules, by creating a project in which the entrance panel is built following specific needs, following a simple and intuitive guided procedure.

The software also performs configuration checks and notifies any configuration errors.



TiSfera Design also manages the address book of residents, including contact details and names, creating an easy to update local database. The installer can organise contacts into levels (Residential Complexes - Buildings - Individual Homes) based on the type of system.  In addition to name and surname, each contact is matched with all the information that the installer might find useful for configuring the electronic modules of the entrance panel, including RFID badge data for the activation of the electric lock and the access codes.


The software also allows the firmware of devices to be updated (firmware update function) with the new versions released by Bticino from time to time. Once installed, the software will automatically search online for updates.


Advanced configuration of the Sfera New and Sfera Robur entrance panels
The advanced configuration allows a high degree of customisation of the devices in terms of:

  • flexible menu composition
  • customisation of text
  • customised positioning of the keys used for apartment calls / direct call to the switchboard (if present)
  • residents' contact address book, including the details of the door opening badges assigned and the access codes.


For the connection to the PC, use a standard USB -  mini USB cable. Sfera entrance panels have mini USB front connection, making it possible to carry out all operations without having to remove the pushbutton panel.

TiSfera Design
Configuration software