Integrated solutions for comfort, safety, communication and energy saving
Integrated solutions for comfort, safety, communication and energy saving

MyHome-Up is an integrated modular home automation system that offers smart solutions in terms of:


Comfort, in every room, thanks to the custom adjustment of lights, music, and temperature;


Safety to avoid unwanted intrusions;


Control of comsumption and power levels, for energy and cost savings and to avoid overload black-outs.


MyHOME_Up takes advantage of the BUS installation technology using a 2 wires pair. In alternative, it may also be integrated with other brand systems through specific interfaces and the TCP/IP communication protocol.

Discover the MyHome_Up functions

Lights and shutter

Smart management of lights and shutters, for maximum energy saving and unparalleled comfort: only switch the lights on when needed and automatically raise or lower the shutters every day as you wish, saving time and effort.

Audio multiroom

Thanks to the integration with the wireless Hi-Fi system of the NUVO range, it is possible to listen to your favourite music in every room, controlling the functions using a smartphone or a tablet

Consumption display

Using the MyHome-Up App installed on their smartphones, users can view real time energy consumptions and avoid waste.


The MyHOME_Up Temperature regulation system can make heating and cooling systems only when and where you need it, optimizing energy consumption.

Integration with other brand systems

MyHome-Up is an open system that using the following gateways can be easily integrated, without requiring any system changes, with the best third-party technologies, systems and devices:


for native integration with Nuvo multi-room audio sound system, coloured lights, Smart TV, etc.


for the integration with HVAC Samsung, Mitsubishi and other systems. For these professional applications, specific “ad hoc” integration drivers are available by Bticino.


Application Program Interface (API) made available by BTicino on the Works with Legrand website.