Interlink Office: office distribution systems

Integrated systems suitable for all types of residential, service and industrial structures for the distribution and management of services in the work place. A flexible offers capable of providing functional and energy efficient infrastructures.

A range of state of the art products capable of offering a complete distribution and management system for all the activities. System solutions perfectly coordinated with the BTicino lines, that offer complete look and functionality integration.

The Interlink Office system subdivides into:

  • Ceiling-floor distribution: The vertical distribution system with columns, mini-columns and slim columns is the ideal solution for distributing energy and data services from the ceiling or floor to the workstations.
  • Floor distribution: A distribution system consisting of underfloor boxes and protruding towers for installations in both floating and cement floors;
  • Desk distribution: Modular or pre-configured solutions capable of distributing all necessary services to workstations. Also available in a concealed version.
  • Wall distribution: A multifunctional and accessorizable installation solution, with PVC trunking measuring 120×60 mm.

Underfloor boxes

Flush mounted and underfloor boxes meeting the requirements of the IEC 60670-23 standards, for installation in floating and concrete floors.
The ideal solutions for the arrangement of offices, and also for possible layout changes.
Available in the traditional 8/10 and 16/20 module versions, and in the larger 24/30 module version


The covers are fitted with: 

  • patented release system
  • ergonomic handle
  • anti-slip stainless steel finish


Cover controlled closing systems and metal hinges ensure products with long-lasting properties and maximum safety of use.


Exclusive features guarantee maximum installation functionality, thanks to:

  • removable module
  • feet with anti-locking systems, for easier assembly and disassembly
  • supports with double hooking system
Underfloor POP-UP boxes

With exclusive features and an elegant design, the POP-UP boxes bring together ease of use and installation elegance. The structure in 5 different finishes, compact and extremely thin, perfectly integrates with all working environments.

Protruding towers

Minimal design and multiple accessory possibilities mean that the protruding towers can offer solutions that meet aesthetic and functional needs of offices and modern service sector environments. Protruding towers are the most compact and functional solutions for powering workstations from the ground.

Pre-wired multisockets and star-desk

Available in several versions with different performances and accessories, meet all the needs of personnel working at the desk.

Table-top workstation kit

Modular pre-configured solutions capable of distributing all the services required in workstations.

Columns and minicolumns

System made of columns, slim columns and minicolumns in single and double face version.

Wall mounted trunking

A multifunctional installation solution that can be accessorised with 120x60.

Underfloor boxes
Columns and minicolumns
Desktop distribution