THE NEW AXIAL SWITCH has been redesigned to make the electrician's work easier, and to satisfy needs of the most demanding customers.

REDUCED depth: only 22.9 mm. The new axial switch takes up the least space in the box: - 30% the size of the old axial:

  • easy to install, in new systems and in refurbishments even with boxes full of cables;
  • perfect for installation with ultrathin cover plates and lower (Axolute and Livinglight) AIR supports;
  • now also available with Màtix.

Main features:

  • Less working distance for activation: - 35% (2.2 mm instead of 3.5 mm);
  • Less working strenght required for the activation: - 40% (5N istead of 8-9N);
  • Reduction in the perceived noise: -18%;
  • Optional backlighting with the new LEDs;
  • 10 AX Mini Gap (contact distance reduced to 1.8 mm);
  • suitable for all types of lamps by controlling loads up to 2,500 W.