Thanks to the integration of MyHOME_Up with the Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants you can now control the lights and controlled sockets and, using the scenarios, the rolling shutters, burglar alarm, ideal temperature and the music played by the NUVO system using your voice as well.

An important functionality which improves the comfort and usability of MyHOME_Up, especially by old people or long-stay patients who cannot interact with the manual controls.

As well as asking for information on the news, weather, times etc. you will be able to interact with the MyHOME_Up system by using voice commands of the following type:

- «Ok Google, switch off all the lights»

- “Alexa, raise the living room rolling shutters”

- “Alexa, I'm home”.

For the list of possible voice commands see the Amazon skill, click here, and the Google action, click here.