New functions of the Home + Project app for MyHOME home automation
Discover the new functions of the Home + Project application for PCs, tablets and smartphones to help you make configuring a smart home with the MyHOME SCS bus solution even easier and more flexible.
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BTicino constantly updates the Home + Project app to simplify the configuration of the MyHOME home automation system.
A number of new functions have been introduced, to make the app an even simpler, more intuitive and comprehensive tool:

  1. Configuration backup and restore: to quickly transfer the system configuration to a new web server in case of maintenance.
  2. Testing of system functions: as a last check before delivery to the customer.
  3. Export of device addresses: useful for advanced configurations.
  4. System configuration even when the Internet is not available.
  5. Firmware update from Home + Project: it can be performed on site by connecting the system to the smartphone with Home + Project.
  6. Identify” test for the recognition of the loads: to easily associate control devices with actuators.
  7. Calibration of the temperature probe: useful if the probe is installed near windows or heat sources.
  8. Association of several control devices with one actuator: to speed up the configuration operations.
  9. Automatic association of controls with actuators: to reduce the time for putting into operation the system by eliminating possible configuration errors.
  10. Even more stable connection to the system: no more sporadic interruptions or disconnections of Home + Project from the system.
  11. Compatibility with Tablet devices.
  12. Replacement of a device without reconfiguring the system.

Remember that use of the Home + Project application requires the installation in the MyHOME home automation system of the new DIN server item F460 or the Classe 300EOS with Netatmo internal unit, item 344842 (White) and item 344884 (Black).