Energy Report on Home + Control App
The new functionality promotes greater household consumption awareness by facilitating energy savings.
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Energy Report on Home + Control App

The new Energy Report feature is available with the release in May of the 2.23 iOS and Android version of Home + Control. This option is an addition to those already available: the monitor of instantaneous consumption per device (with live consumption view) and the visualization of consumption over time through the graphs section (both for electricity and heating/cooling system).



This data is now integrated in the Energy Report, easily accessible via Settings/My Report from the Home + Control App. The report allows you to view:


  • the appliances that consumed the most energy among all those associated with connected devices (lights, sockets, etc.)
  • the lights most used (in hours).



In addition, monthly and yearly differences in consumption can be visualised and, for the current month, an estimate of what the overall energy expenditure will be is also provided. In the overall context of energy saving and better usage of environmental resources, Home + Control becomes a useful tool for users, providing an easy-to-understand consumption analysis that facilitates awareness of home consumption and energy savings.