MyHOME is renewed with devices for high-level systems
BTicino enriches the MyHOME catalogue with new advanced devices.
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MyHOME is renewed with devices for high-level systems

One of the distinctive features of the Smart MyHOME system is its exceptional flexibility and adaptability, allowing it to evolve to meet users' needs.

Among the various functions required in modern smart homes, an important role is played by lighting systems with adjustable colored lamps to enhance comfort and by floor heating systems to optimize energy consumption. 
These functions are achievable even in large installations with numerous control devices, often integrating systems from different brands to create synergy among devices and allow centralized control. To achieve installations with the aforementioned characteristics, Bticino offers a new series of devices that enhance the current MyHOME product range:

  • Server web item F460: new server for DIN panels for configuring and remotely managing the MyHOME system with advanced performance; the device is also capable of managing data related to ambient humidity measured by the Living Now thermostat item KW/KG/KM4691 to prevent condensation in homes with floor cooling systems. It replaces the current MyHOMEServer1 device and is to be used in new installations without the video door entry system or where it is intended to be used with the HOMETOUCH touchscreen.
  • Server web item F461: DIN device equipped with a native protocol for local integration of third-party systems into MyHOME (RTI platform, Control4, etc.); ideal for creating high-value and complex home automation systems.
  • DALI-2 Gateway item F429G: DIN interface between the MyHOME system and lighting devices with the DALI-2 (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) standard for colored lamps. It has 1 output to manage up to 64 ballasts.
  • DALI-2 Driver item F429D: DIN interface as above. It has 2 outputs to control up to 32 ballasts (2 groups of 16 lamps).
  • Interface item F422A: in large homes or tertiary environments it may be necessary to create automation systems characterized by a number of functions that exceeds the 175 channels made available as standard. In this case it is possible to extend the number of channels with the new DIN interface art. F422A which allows you to add a system section with a further 175 addresses. If the web server item F460 is used in the system, it is possible to use max. 2 interfaces; if the Classe300EOS with Netatmo video internal unit is used as a server in the system, it is possible to use only one F422A interface.