Modern, Technological.

The new pull-out torch guarantees all the security you need when there is a black-out.

The completely renewed design means it fits in perfectly with the BTicino domestic lines (Air, Axolute, Livinglight, Màtix). Fitted with a push&pull pull-out system, the new torch also guarantees the planarity of the light point in which it is installed thanks to its thinness. The new ergonomics also allows easy pulling out from the flush-mounted base. For Axolute and Livinglight the torch is supplied in a package with neutral base, to be finished with one of the white, tech and anthracite finish front covers available. This allows you to manage a single product code, for both Axolute and Livinglight, instead of three.

These are the codes of the new removable torches:

  • Axolute: H4380N
  • Livinglight: LN4380N
  • Màtix: A5780N

Look at the presentation video