The design of Living Now is characterized by the design sharpness and the products beautiful geometry. A unique and distinctive shape, with a perfect flat surface and a perfect alignment between the various elements of the light point. A synthesis of aesthetic, functional and technological evolution that transforms the switch into a real responsive interface.

The plates

Sixteen finishes available in three materials. You can match as you wish


The materials

  • Technopolymer

The Technopolymer plates are made with an overlapping layer through a process that allows to obtain a bigger depth in the finish.

  • Zama

BTicino has always used the Zama alloy for its metal plates, it is a resistant alloy and suitable for aesthetic performance.

  • Wood

For those who want a natural effect, Living Now offers two finishes in Oak Wood and Walnut Wood.


The covers

The key cover finishes.
They covers represent the aesthetic and interaction part of the various functions (commands, dimmer ...).
You can choose between three different colors: White, Black and Sand. Because the functional part is separate from the aesthetic one, it can be easily replaced with a simple movement.