The risk of fire caused by an electrical failure can have devastating consequences for both people and property. This risk is undoubtedly one of the most complex aspects of security in domestic installations. In fact, statistical studies show that one third of household fires are of electrical origin.
The BTDIN STOP ARC is the most reliable device to detect the electric arc produced by a failure of the insulation, the breaking of cables or earth leakage currents.
This new device joins the BTICINO offer protection devices.

BTDIN STOP ARC is a protection device available in two versions:

  • with thermal-magnetic circuit breaker
  • with residual current device

BTDIN STOP ARC is a one-piece product that is assembled at the factory. This guarantees quality and eliminates the risk of errors during assembly. The integrated self-test function is an additional security feature.

BTDIN STOP ARC is very easy to install in the switchboard. It can be mounted in place of an automatic switch and connected in the same way.